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Charles Araujo

Charles Araujo is the founder and CEO of The IT Transformation Institute and author of the book The Quantum Age of IT: Why Everything You Know About IT is About to Change. He is a recognized leader and expert in the areas of IT transformation and IT organizational change, is presently at work on two new […]

Aale Roos

Not one to shy away from controversy, Aale Roos will make an impact on your event as he challenges the status quo and looks for alternatives to current practices. Aale believes that service desks are facing a fundamental change, “don’t believe what ITIL books tell you and three questions are enough in any survey”. These […]

Aprill Allen

If your event needs Knowledge Management on the agenda, then there is no better person to fill that gap than ‘The Knowledgebird’ – Aprill Allen. Aprill believes that great knowledge management involves a collaboration of colleagues and community. She has worked in IT and network support for many years. Over that time Aprill came to […]

Peter Lijnse

Peter Lijnse brings a wealth of practical experience to his presentations. Peter is an an experienced IT Service Management professional with in-depth knowledge of ITIL and IT Service Management process theory and practical application. Since 1988, Peter has worked in various industries in Europe, North America and South-East Asia. His experience includes leading projects on […]

Robert S. Falkowitz

Robert S. Falkowitz is an insightful presenter who delivers huge value for his audiences with his wide knowledge of ITSM. He is able to bring exceptional clarity to very complex topics with ease and his methodical approach to ITSM leaves the audience with very valuable takeaways that can be applied to real-life situations with ease. […]

Karen Ferris

Karen Ferris is an internationally acclaimed speaker with a reputation for providing both strategic and practical advice and insights for organisations in their implementation and maintenance of efficient and effective Service Management. Karen has the ability to share her experience and knowledge with every audience, and individual within that audience, so everyone is empowered with […]

ItSMF Singapore Conference – ITSM Leadership Congress

08 April 2014

As I pack my bags heading back to India, I wanted to share my initial thoughts and experiences of the recently concluded itSMF Singapore Annual Conference on 21st March 2014 at Park Royal Hotel, Beach Road. The Theme of the Annual Conference was “ITSM Leadership Congress”. We were pleased to welcome 125+ Delegates, 11 Speakers, […]

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ITSM India Podcast – Episode 5

04 April 2014

Join Suresh GP as he chats with Pink14′s Practitioner of the Year – Siddharth Shetty Watch the live stream here April 4, 2014

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Which Comes First: Process or Tool?

25 March 2014

…or another way of saying this is: “A fool with a tool is still a fool!*” As a consultant, a large portion of my job consists of developing and documenting business requirements for tool implementations and upgrades. The result is that I have a lot of opportunity to see the way some of the legacy […]

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Evaluating evaluation

10 March 2014

Why did evaluation get into ITIL? In 1998 Pfizer’s share price doubled – all because of an unexpected side-effect in a drug being developed to treat heart problems. I was reminded of this when asked on a recent ITIL course to explain why on earth ITIL had Change Evaluation as something apparently separate from change […]

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Beware – Don’t Let Branding Make you Blind

05 March 2014

This blog stems from my recent experience and insight of how two of the best reputed companies in the globe delivered an unbelievable customer service experience. As you might be well aware, Emirate airlines was named as the World`s Best airline in 2013 and the recent narration makes me wonder, if we are being misled […]

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ITIL in India – A podcast with Peter Hepworth from Axelos

03 March 2014

This week SHIFT’s ITSM India Podcast host, Suresh GP will spend time with Peter Hepworth from Axelos discussing how Indian ITSM professionals can benefit from and participate in the new business model for ITIL. The podcast will be recorded on Wednesday March 5 and the video will be posted to this page, so bookmark it […]

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The Case of the Horrible Boss and the Service Culture

12 February 2014

Unusual as it might seem I was inspired to write this article having thoroughly enjoyed a magazine article.  The article in question was digested in the early hours of the morning as I sat homeward bound after a trip to the States.  No, you haven’t misheard me; I was ‘inspired’ by reading an inflight magazine.  […]

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Today’s Paradigm for IT Support

12 February 2014

There is a new paradigm in IT: Supporting a business that is completely reliant on IT. With this in mind, IT failures are no longer just business facing, they are public facing. The difficulty arises when IT continues to do support the same way they have for years, as an infrastructure based organization with little […]

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Resolve to Win Respect from the Business in 2014

14 January 2014

Let’s not count the number of resolution blogs that hit this time of year…here’s one more, my top resolutions IT managers should consider for a powerful 2014. Resolution #1:Each day, remember: it’s not about IT and the Business, IT is the business In today’s business culture, IT is so fully integrated into the business’ function […]

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The Revival of itSMF India

29 December 2013

itSMF India Revival & First Conference – Nov 29, 2013 After a long hibernation,  we decided to launch our first itSMF India Conference  with the intent of getting all the ITSM people in India under one umbrella.  Ever since I took up role as Board of Director in  June 2013, I have had discussions face-face,  […]

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