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Charles Araujo

Charles Araujo is the founder and CEO of The IT Transformation Institute and author of the book The Quantum Age of IT: Why Everything You Know About IT is About to Change. He is a recognized leader and expert in the areas of IT transformation and IT organizational change, is presently at work on two new […]

Aale Roos

Not one to shy away from controversy, Aale Roos will make an impact on your event as he challenges the status quo and looks for alternatives to current practices. Aale believes that service desks are facing a fundamental change, “don’t believe what ITIL books tell you and three questions are enough in any survey”. These […]

Aprill Allen

If your event needs Knowledge Management on the agenda, then there is no better person to fill that gap than ‘The Knowledgebird’ – Aprill Allen. Aprill believes that great knowledge management involves a collaboration of colleagues and community. She has worked in IT and network support for many years. Over that time Aprill came to […]

Peter Lijnse

Peter Lijnse brings a wealth of practical experience to his presentations. Peter is an an experienced IT Service Management professional with in-depth knowledge of ITIL and IT Service Management process theory and practical application. Since 1988, Peter has worked in various industries in Europe, North America and South-East Asia. His experience includes leading projects on […]

Robert S. Falkowitz

Robert S. Falkowitz is an insightful presenter who delivers huge value for his audiences with his wide knowledge of ITSM. He is able to bring exceptional clarity to very complex topics with ease and his methodical approach to ITSM leaves the audience with very valuable takeaways that can be applied to real-life situations with ease. […]

Karen Ferris

Karen Ferris is an internationally acclaimed speaker with a reputation for providing both strategic and practical advice and insights for organisations in their implementation and maintenance of efficient and effective Service Management. Karen has the ability to share her experience and knowledge with every audience, and individual within that audience, so everyone is empowered with […]

From mad risk and excitement to unremarkable everyday routine

09 October 2014

There was about 80 years between the brave and foolhardy heroics of Santos-Dumont and the Wright brothers in creating serious aviation and the tedious routine of modern plane travel. That, of course, was mechanical engineering and the 20th Century – IT and the 21st can do that kind of thing much faster. That aircraft journey […]

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So, where is IT going?

18 September 2014

How innovative is your IT organization? Are you looking at ways to embrace current technologies and use them to make your business or organization more competitive in its market space?   One place to start looking at is how well you do mobile. As the workforce moves to the home office and as organizations become more global, […]

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ITSM India Episode 7 – let’s talk about history

25 August 2014

Join Suresh GP and his special Guest Ivor Macfarlane as they discuss the history of ITIL and the IT Service Management Forum (itSMF). Ivor, a regular SHIFT contributor, has been involved with ITIL since its inception in the 1980s. Ivor has also worked in many capacities for the itSMF at international, regional and local levels […]

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Bless the weather

17 August 2014

Recently I posted on SHIFT about evaluation. The evaluation circumstance I talked about is really just one semi-formal way of realising that real situations are often bigger than the way we choose (initially) to look at them. In the spring we went on a short break – and it made me think on how our […]

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The Good, the bad and the ugly of Customer Service and Support

16 July 2014

I guess it’s a side effect of my role in the ITSM industry, but whenever I interact with a Help Desk or Service Desk, I can’t help but take mental notes about them. So, I thought I’d spend a little time documenting some of the things that distinguish them – for better or worse (and […]

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Process Vs tools – The Argument continues…

03 July 2014

This blog follows on from the recent post from Phyllis Drucker and stems from my recent experience delivering Service management tools training for Service desk professionals. I recently delivered this  foundation training on Service Desk tools for Process owners. The course outline and prerequisites were communicated well in advance and when I stepped in for the first day, I […]

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What’s up with free software? A discussion with Rob England, Kirstie Magowan and Rajesh Ganesan from ManageEngine

19 June 2014

Recently the IT Skeptic – Rob England – got together with SHIFT’s Kirstie Magowan and Rajesh Ganesan from ManageEngine to chat about the concept of Free Service Desk software. Find out why ManageEngine took the action it did to make its flagship ServiceDesk product free for unlimited users…is this the ITSM equivalent of a ‘free […]

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Dropping the “IT” from ITSM

17 June 2014

We’ve been saying it for years, “it’s time to drop the IT from ITSM” but it’s even more appropriate today than it was when I heard it ten years ago. I was recently asked to write an article on Enterprise Service Management (ESM) and while I was getting it started did some poking around on […]

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The Internet Experience: Employee Self Service and Self Help

12 June 2014

I recently attended an ITSM conference where I heard the words “…and when we get to real self help…” OK, almost 20 years since I first heard the term “self help” we’re still trying to get there! It’s true, back then the tools weren’t truly ready for real self help, so it looked like a […]

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ITSM India – Episode 6 – Charles Araujo

11 June 2014

Join Suresh GP as he chat to Charles Araujo on a wide range of topics that will engage the ITSM community. What does IT Leadership look like? Fusion14 Selection process This is an interesting, provoking and insightful discussion with one of the real visionaries of the IT world.

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